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Afghan Momin Astana Company Supplier ________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTIONAMAC is Asian intercontinental suppliers company that vim to provide the equipments to relate to This Company. (AFGHAN MOMIN ASTANA) is fame to AMAC sign. AMAC Company has an extra ordinary over hand to all central provinces and out side country .AMAC can intercourse to variety condition of customer that amicable with that.AMAC with more success since it has been beginning till to day can deal with different subsections of necessaries Equipment.AMAC was inaugurated on (2007) and under these period it can spread or expanse by its experiential employers and agreement of clients and daily it altitude.The affective of achievement caused to consolidate or enhancement AMAC Company and also interest of consumer such as (NGOs, Government organs, ministries, organization and etc) can develop AMAC Company.Aim:___________________________________________________________________________The aim of company is to cater the way for customers to get his wish. And AMAC always try to supply the real Quality of equipment to his clients. The real target of company is promotion of country, company and always being for services of people that acquire and ingenuous stuff.And also for increase of commerce in Afghanistan, because when we had better business we have best country for life and also in this country never the poverty created and the people who are jobless he finds job too.The AMAC shows the way of business for people to do some things well.It should be mentioned AMAC want to absorb the customer satisfaction for improvement of company and the agreement of customers is our Aim. Points of promotion:____________________________________________________________The interest of employers & customers are enlargement of AMAC Company. Appraise of Vice president in final shows that enthusiastic of customers and honesty for our clients is AMAC Company promotion.Also the consumers that has expired our substance it never whine it show our development because we want the gratification of customers. Hence we can say AMAC points of Promotion are the agreement of customers too and the feat of contracts specifies that AMAC is on Expanse in business. The successes of greats covenant caused to the promotion and developments also the series activation of employer caused the company growth.Superlative quality of equipment show the Points of promotion and the good relationship shows the AMAC union. Because when in a community the alliance are existed never it rupture or go back. According to the most attempts on (2007) AMAC Company gained desires in business. AMAC Company promoted under these years too. On that period AMAC had little customers and according to the hard attempts it changed to a big supplier company. And then in Entire of company different guidelines rules were formed which till now it has been executing. AMAC as will as go up series on business also hope to had relationship with the international NGOs inside and out side of the country.Quality of matters:____________________________________________________________Since the AMAC created till now never complaint any customers about the quality of matter What AMAC at all times to do or provide the real quality of any matters? And also the greatest or worst of a company are identified by this quality of stuff; hence AMAC until the end of time attempt never has been giving the unoriginal stuff. Also the quality able of stuff is the wish of ours for the reason that AMAC want to offer good things to his customers. AMAC never wants to back ward. AMAC take challenge to his customers whether the equipment of AMAC imitative once more change it with high reduction. AMAC has a great certain to itself that never do erroneous AMAC each and every one the equipment that import from various country, bring in, that with the marks and warrant of that company. As well as AMAC Company after that submit the equipment to his consumers it specify every items to the consumer. Import & export service:____________________________________________________AMAC import the different equipment from diversity country of the world such as (USA, Japan, Germany, Turkish, India, Italy, etc) AMAC import the kinds of equipment are below and we can export to all over the world. Equipments that we mention below only we not export it in the out side of country of the world but AMAC can export it to central province of Afghanistan despite of terrible because we are tolerate every kinds condition or circumstance of customers what AMAC want the agreement of customers. It should be mention the most popular international organization appreciated AMAC Company that we do like these kind businesses. AMAC observe the best rules of trade in all AMAC dealing with (Government organs, ministry, NGOs, organization, and etc). AMAC can import a stuff (that the customers need to that) by order or AMAC can deal with deferent wishes of customers. And also the exportation and importation caused to country transportation uphold. Kinds of Contract:_____________________________________________________________AMAC it should be mentioning AMAC without deal with (Gov, organ, ministry, NGOs, organization) but can deal with (hospital, drug store, and all public stores etc). AMAC Company able to treaty separately. AMAC can contract various with his customers as he wish.The others contract of AMAC company like, borrow, transport of equipment by company, and etc What make us different than others? __________________________________________The difference at AMAC is the Honesty, fairness, and innovation that are a part of every thing we do.The big procure mentor of the organization and government that review the entire of Supplier Company despite these appraise AMAC supplier company can winning. It specifies AMAC Company is a real supplier of material in Asia continent. And these are successes caused to AMAC company can always reach the superior procurement of patrons, Thus we can identify AMAC Company. And also the original matters caused that AMAC Company get the Procurement of (Gov, organs, ministry, NGOs, organization, & etc). ________________________________Ability: AMAC Company eligible to perform different contract and AMAC able to do a project with accelerate, as his customers get order. AMAC Company Can exposure all central province of Afghanistan, despite the terrible that existing in area or in project, AMAC can do it. And also the ability of AMAC Company in fact is the ability of Afghan people. AMAC provide the safety way for contracts and the convinced plan has been using in each intercourse with the consumers of items that related to AMAC company as we know AMAC is a supplier company that able to deal in various Procurement of organization, Gov, and etc There for able to do the highest business in expanse project in Afghanistan. And also the interest of the customers to able AMAC Supplier Company that day by day enhancement and over comes to his project even to get the most projects. Effective of (2006) projects caused to AMAC Company till to until the end of time can prolong his business amity under these years AMAC present a good supplying (equipments that link to the AMAC) in Afghanistan for people that investment in Afghanistan. The most experience able of AMAC employer to able company that is always best in Afghanistan. And the real way, which caused to AMAC ability is the union and confident of AMAC supplier Company. And also the meeting that held for company shows the ability of AMAC Supplier Company.


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Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer

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1. Software: Graphics Software, Business Software, Scientific Software, Data Software, Internet Software, Computer Games Software, Emulation Software, Industry Software, Video Games


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