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Xiamen Capot Stone and its own subsidiary factories have been manufacturing and exporting a large quantity of various natural stone products to its clients all over the world based in Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East and the southeast Asia in the past years. With our comprehensive vertical integration from quarrying to customized fabrication, we provide a wide range of natural stone products, which includes but not limited to the following:-Tiles, Slabs and cut to size;-Prefabricated Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanity tops, Integral Bowls and Skins;-Tombstone, Monuments and Memorials;-Environmental Stone (Paving Stone, Kerbstone, Step Stone, Wall Stone, etc.);-Floating Sphere Fountains and Floating Ring Fountains;-Stone Carvings;-Fireplace Mantels.We carry most stone materials quarried in China as well as many popular materials selected from various locations of the world. We can also work with you to find the ideal colors to suit your specific needs.As a leading Chinese natural stone supplier with good reputation, Xiamen Capot Stone treasures all cooperation opportunities with every of our clients. We adhere to our principle to stress the quality control, competitive price, timely delivery, reliable service and clear communication with our clients. We wish to devote into our mutual glory, success and prosperous future together with you by our keen cooperation and hard work. We will always bring reliability and satisfaction to all of our clients and partners.


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