Ganapati Chemisys Ltd
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Manufacturer of Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate (PGPR) for the Chocolate, Margarine and Pan release industries.We have been producing three grades of PGPR for the past 13 years and export to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Turkey and Colombia.We are exceptionally price competitive since 70% of the world's Castor Oil is produced by India and we therefore have the main raw material, Ricinoleic Acid, at our doorstep.Our qualities of PGPR:1. PGPR 888: High quality chocolate grade PGPR which provides superior viscosity reduction in chocolates by lowering Casson yield value when used in conjunction with lecithin, thereby saving the chocolate producer money.2. PGPR 828: Chocolate Grade and high Margarine grade PGPR which offers effective viscosity reduction in chocolates, and exceptional water dispersion within the fat in Margarine and low fat dressings and sauces.3. PGPR 289: Our Pan release grade of PGPR which is also extensively used by Margarine producers.We offer PGPR in large and small lots- our Minimum Order Quantity is 2MT.We also offer various packaging options- IBC's, New Mild Steel Drums, 25 kg Jerry Cans and 20 kg Jerry Cans. All goods are palletised and fumigation certificates are provided.Our PGPR is Kosher-certified. We also provide internal Certificates of Analysis with every shipment, Certificate of Origin, Health certificates and Third-party inspection certificates if required.


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