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Business Traceability Solutions (BTS)MTC provide their clients with top state of art communication solutions and services that serve business communication purposes. The products covers all types of markets and customers, whether small, medium or enterprise products share user friendliness, ease of installation and administration and high return on investment.we provide several satellite services, cross border communications and internet 2-way access, as well as, being a key systems integrator and solutions provider to many enterprises and organizations working in the region. As the leading, intelligent system integrator for heterogeneous networking environments we are pleased to work with many satellite communications manufacturers in crafting their any client network. 6.2.1Fresh Food Traceability Solutions ProducePak PackhouseManagement ERPProducePak provides a powerful suite of software solutions which make every day business easier and more profitable whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.6.2.2Processed Food Traceability Solutions The primary focus of the system is to improve:business controltraceability practicesbusiness profit enhancementcost management and controlbudget managementstaff accountability and management practices.Your business will benefit!improved profit in the packing processimprove staff efficiencyreduce duplication & redundancydecrease management response timeimprove reporting, analysis, and business monitoringinstant cost reporting, live at any time! streamline & automatically manage processesenforce operational standardscreate full traceability of all produce handling in all business areasquality improvementseasy audits and traceability managementSoftware Modules:Producepak as a complete farms application contains the following modules:-Stock arrivalThe Stock Arrival module allows your staff to use a PDA or PC to handle incoming fruit and vegetables into the packhouse. Fruit/vegetables can come from either your own farms, other growers, or directly from suppliers such as fruit and vegetable wholesalers. Barcodes can be scanned (and or generated) when produce arrives at the packhouse to maintain traceability.Backing LaborThe ProducePak Packing Labor module allows your packing shed to operate at peak efficiency by allowing the accountability and traceability of packing shed staff and making the task of staff labor tracking fast and efficient.Backing Priority The priority of which orders need to be packed first at this very point in time is constantly managedby the Packing Priority Control module.The Packing Priority Control module allows sales orders to be prioritised by administration or marketing staff when they are received, and the packing shed staff will automatically be alerted of the priority of each order during their daily packing activities.Quality ControlThe Quality Control module allows your pack- house toRandomly select unprocessedor packed produce and perform quality tests on it. The results are used to produce a Quality Control report which can be matched with your customers quality requirements or used to determine picker, and packing performance.Usedcorrectly,theQAmoduleishighly accurate; existing ProducePak QC users have reported receiving QC tests from chain stores which matched the QA results from ProducePak to the decimal place. 6.2.3 Aquaculture software solution We firmly believe that increased productivity in the fisheries sector must be brought about by integrated information systems. The application of information technology will become as common in the fisheries sector as in the banking system. It will be possible to trace a fish product through all stages of storage, transportation and production back to the catch when it was taken. We also believe that information systems in fish businesses must be integrated with a variety of official information systems used for the organization, management and control of fishing. And real-time information about markets and fish stocks will become everyday management tools. We are determined to play a leading part in this development with Aquaculture software integrated information systems for fish businesses. TraceabilityTraceability has always been an important consideration in the seafood industry. In the event of a product recall, or even in filing an insurance claim, the ability to thoroughly trace a products genealogy and forward history is a crucial best management practice. Public and governmental scrutiny has intensified everywhere in recent years as to the conditions under which food products are grown, captured, processed, imported, or exported. New legislation, both in Europe and the US, has spurred the need for systems to provide full product traceability. The challenge of meeting these regulations can seem a steep one, but Maritech has been in the very forefront of the development of systems for chain traceability.End-to-end traceabilityAs a result, the concept of traceability is integral to all WiseFish functional areas so that stock identification data is recorded and transmitted seamlessly in every stage, from in-entry to final sale. Maritech now offers the only integrated, end-to-end, tracing system on the market providing users with the tools to trace the fish from the fishing vessel right to the customer. Lab, hatchery, or farm levelA major concern of customers is the need to verify medication and vaccine use and to be certain that stocks have not been mixed with incompatible groups on the site. This is clearly shown in both the History report and the Product Certificate and, indeed, Farm Control, the aquaculture component of the WiseFish suite, warns the user if they are about to mix groups. Feed types and volumes of feed and pigment are shown on the Feed report and Production report. All key stock information is easily generated and organized at the time of sale in a single, clear report, instilling customer confidence in your product and in your best production practices. Easily trace full details of stock movements and then export these details at the time of a harvest to the next stage of the value chain. Lot LevelIn the context of a recall, the ease of traceability is not just a regulatory one but also an important economic factor for manufacturers when faced with the need to withdraw products from the market. An efficient tracing system will help you to isolate only those batches or lots of product which are affected, thus reducing recall costs. The WiseTrace console allows you to visually trace (both forwards and backwards) any production lot to instantly understand its component origin lots as well as any further repacking or contracting lots it may have been comprised into. You can drill further into the lot record to trace a single collection within the lot and see all of the related records and transactions.From Vendor to CustomerIn a costly recall scenario, the ability to speedily isolate with accuracy the amount of affected product and its location in the distribution system and in the market place is critical. In the WiseFish system, you can easily drill down in the Traceability search to identify all vendor and originrelated information to gather a complete picture of all potentially affected stock. Simultaneously, identify all customers to whom any given batch of product has been shipped so that you can react swiftly to minimize liability and potential harm.Quality RecordsThe essence of a HACCP Quality systems is traceability. It allows you to assess the overall problem, evaluate the hazard, make timely decisions on the strategy to be followed and make recommendations as to whether or not to close production plants and on when production may recommence. Use the WiseTrace module to instantly locate all relevant quality inspections recorded for any given lot or combination of lots.


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