Fujian Three Ply Shuttering Panel Factory

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We are one of the leading group of manufacturers of engineering wood products in South China.We mainly export plywood, Laminated Veneer Lumber, Three Ply Shuttering Panels(triply), formwork H20 Timber Beam (Wood Girder), film faced plywood, HDF, MDF (medium density fibreboard), particle board, Softwood Scaffold Panel(Pine LVL scaffolding Plank), 3 ply panel, Shuttering Plywood, melamine board, Pine Plywood, HMR MDF,blockboard, OSB board,etc. Our products meet E1/E2 Standard.We are one of the most professional supplier for 3 Layers shuttering panels, especially, we are expert on 3 Layers shuttering panels, our 3 Layers shuttering panels product passed many tested by authority and our customers, and we exported our 3 Layers shuttering panels to more than 30 countries, including Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. we are the first supplier can produce in large scale at present in China.


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