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Our company is a leading manufacturer specializes in the R&D, manufacture, sales, and technical service of road construction and maintenance machinery. We have a strong R&D term supported by experts, professors and doctors. We always keep abreast of the developing trend of road construction and maintenance machinery in the world.In 2002, we passed ISO9001:2000 quality certification.In 2006, we joined in International Slurry Surfacing Association.In 2007, our products obtained CE certification.Our main equipments are as following:1. Self-propelled chip spreader (this is our new product, it can realize continuously spreading chips, especially for the big construction, because it can save much manpower and cost) 2. Intellectualized Asphalt Distributor (computer-controlled) (were the first and largest one in China with most advanced technology in the world)3. Chip Sealer (simultaneously spraying bitumen and spread aggregate with unique technologies in the world) (we are the largest one in China)4. Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing Pavers (with unique technologies in the world, such as without using any standby engine)5. Liquid Asphalt Tanker (we're the first and largest one in China with most advanced technology in the world)A. truck-mounted structure B. semi-trailor structure6. Chipping Spreader (we're the first and largest one in China)A. hanging structure B.traction struction7. Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment (we're the first and largest one in the world)8. Modified Asphalt Plant (we're the first and largest one in China) 9. ARGS15 Mobile Rubber Asphalt Plant (It can realize continuously producing rubber asphalt on the jobsite; this will ensure the best working effect)10. Asphalt Emulsion Plant (we're the largest one in China) Our market Until now, our products not only have enjoyed more than 60% of market share in China, but also exported to more than 40 countries in the world: such as Australia, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, India, Ghana, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea etc....., and nowadays, our equipment has been accepted by more and more global customers, including developed and developing countries.


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