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Innovating products in PVC for the civil and industrial building industries. Founded in 1994, TECNOPERFIL is specialized in plastic extrusion, specially PVC, and it offers a variety of high quality products in different dimensions and complexibility those products protects, enhance and add value to your environment. Follows some of the products TECNOPERFIL has developed: FINISH PROFILES FOR CIVIL CONSTRUCTION, ESPECIALLY CERAMIC PRODUCTS Produced in rigid PVC, non-toxic, resistant to impacts and cleaning products. Easily installed, attractive, safe and hygienic. Great product variety and colors that meet the most demanding ceramic standards. Product in accordance with European safety and hygiene standards, recommended for: hospitals, clinics, restaurants, offices, schools, kitchens, public restrooms, homes, etc. Outer and inner corner tile trim, corner guards, expanding joints, end caps, step nosing and non-skid tapes for steps. WALL PROTECTORS, HANDRAILS - VINYLSHOCK The VINYLSHOCK line wall protectors, handrails and guardrails are pioneering and exclusive launchings by Tecnoperfil , the only national manufacturer. These resistant products of innovating design come in a variety of models and colors. A practical and versatile solution that adds value to all settings. Ideal for application on walls, corners, stairways, passages and other surfaces in places with intense human traffic and equipment, preserving the beauty and eliminating maintenance costs. The VINYLSHOCK line signifies innovation, technology and practicality. CORNER GUARDS - EQUAL WINGS IN PVC Ideal for corner finish with ceramic tiles, plaster, wood, doors, built-in cupboards, elevators, partitions, etc. Available with various colors that harmonize with the coverings. Attractive and practical, they are easy to apply, using double-sided tape, silicone or contact glue. Their rounded corners provide greater safety. Recommended for schools, hotels, hospitals, homes, industries, etc. GUTTERS EDGE TYPE 175 - EXTRA WIDE - FOR RAIN WATER The edge type gutters are produced in rigid PVC in white. The gutter design, with rounded boarders, guarantees warp and hardening resistance. The PVC, in addition to having excellent chemical resistance, can also be painted to match walls. The fixing system and support with hooks and metal rods, enables quick and easy installation in roofs and various other coverings. Recommended for: Homes Industrial sheds Buildings with up to 4 floors Schools Hospitals FORROCLIP - REMOVABLE PVC CEILING Tecnoperfil introduces another new product. The Forroclip system is the only PVC ceiling that you easily assemble and disassemble, through removable profiles. You replace the modular ceilings and all others, without loss of material and without having to disassemble everything. Thus, you can access the desired place or simply replace the piece, quickly and cleanly. You assemble and disassemble, and then with just a 'click' everything is in place again. You assemble and disassemble, assemble and disassemble, assemble and disassemble... PVC CEILING - TECNOFORRO Light, practical, economic product, easy to install and maintain. Produced in flame resistant PVC, it meets the NBR-14285 of ABNT standard and smoke optical density limits, demanded by fire departments. Ideal for the most varied types of environments. Good thermo-acoustic properties. Termite proof. Resistant to humidity and mildew. Easy to clean. Eliminates painting costs. Available in a variety of colors. Self-extinguishing (does not propagate flames). FOLDING DOORS The Tecnodoor folding door is an excellent solution for inside environments, especially where there is little space. Practical, light, easy to install and clean. Supplied in widths of 60, 70, 80 and 90 cm. Available in white, gray, ivory and mahogany. Features: Light and easy to install. Anatomic locks and handles in the same color as the door. Ample passage space when bunched. Resistant to sea mist, ideal for coastal regions. Light and easy to open and close. Highly robust door. Requires little maintenance and no painting. TECNOPERFIL has been exporting to some countries in American Latin and we would like to increase our exportations to other countries. In case you are interested in any product of our, please let us know, so we can send you drawings and samples right away. Thanks and Best Regards,


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