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Uni-code SolutionsUniversal Coding SolutionsIntroduction:The demand for IT and software is increasing at a rapid rate in the fast moving globalized world of today. Simultaneously, the Software companies have to keep pace with the ever increasing demand from a diverse clientele and cater to their interests in finding and delivering accurate and compatible solutions. Therefore, if you are to survive in the software sector you should always come up with new Ideas, Methods and Technologies.In order to meet this challenge, Uni-code Solutions is formed by a self-motivated team of young professionals who have the experience in the field of software for more than six years. The Uni-code team strives to create a unique force to achieve success in the dynamic business world and getting that competitive edge that would help overcome all restrictions and barriers thereby achieving the status of a pioneering software solutions provider amply supported by their multidisciplinary academic background and vast experience in this particular field. Our Vision: To achieve excellence as an advanced software solutions provider with a distinguished clientele and a global reach.Our Mission:Uni-code believes that 'Quality' is achieved through continuous improvement and performance excellence to ensure the high standards of our products, services and technology offered to our customers. Our Experties: ? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions? Web designing and web services? E-commerce Solutions? Mobile Applications? Service Oriented Software Solutions (SOA)? Engineering & Manufacturing related Applications? AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Applications? IT ConsultancyOur Software Skills: ? .Net technologies (C#.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET), Java, C++, C, ASP, PHP, JSP , Perl, AJAX, JavaScript, WML, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Apache, DHTML, HTML, IIS, CSS, J2EE, Delphi? SQL Server, MS Access, MySql, Oracle, SqlLite, UML, Rational Rose, Enterprise Architect We believe in providing customer-oriented service and catering to the diverse needs of our customers with absolute care, efficiency and * us help you in providing your software solutions. So join with us and experience the difference.


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